You are done with the interview and everything went well. And here comes the final step of getting the job, which is writing a thank you note. Many people wonder if they should send one and the answer is: Yes!


Over the past years, the trend of writing ‘thank you’ letter has seem to lost its importance, but it is considered highly ethical in a professional world. There are many instances when you should be writing a thank you letter like, after having any business deal or meeting, or may be after your interview with some company.


In the past days it was a compulsory thing to do, in order to appear professional in front of the prospective employers. And this way you get double noticed by your employer if you send them a thank you note after your interview.


Many of you must be thinking, what one should write in the thank you note. Well, you can thank the employer for taking time out for the interview and you can state further that how eligible you are for this job and how much you have understood the working criteria in the meetings etc.


This will make it easier for the employer who is confused between the two of the candidates. Your thank you e-mail will make them realize that you are considering the job very seriously and are much interested to work with them. It is a good sign.


Here are some things you can include in your thank you letter:


  • Make a list of what are the qualities that got you selected for the job interview in the first place. Then highlight them in your thank you letter, in order to convince the employer more with your strengths.
  • Explain how your experience went with the employer at the interview.  Highlight the important points that were discussed in the room.
  • Highlight your strengths and tell them how you will take about the role of an employee in their firm.
  • Tell them in detail that how much willing you are, to be a part of this company and how you will do the justice with the position you have given interview for.
  • Do not forget to thank the employer again for giving you an opportunity to let you show your interest in the job position.


Like it is mentioned above, in the old days it was considered an ethical act to send out a thank you letter after a day or two of your interview. It is one of the ways of showing your gratitude towards the opportunity you have got to highlight your strengths and it also acts as a follow up call to remind the employer about your profile.


About the author: Jessica Barden is a passionate writer and experienced counselor at Writing Bunch who advice students for their sake. In the present days, she is assisting students who want to get enrolled after earning higher qualification.