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How Erin Landed a Job in Less Than 7 Days

erin sanderson


Throughout college Erin has been determined to work in the entertainment industry.  Following her graduation she bravely moved to Los Angeles even without a job lined up. Time was ticking for her and she knew she needed a proven strategy to land a job fast.


Erin invested in my step-by-step online course “How To Get Hired.”


In less than seven days after taking the course Erin received a full-time job offer from Delirio Films.  She is now working in the industry of her dreams and at a company she loves!


I’ve seen some amazing results from those that have taken my course, but the fact that Erin was able to implement the advice and land her dream job in less than seven days is a true testament to her and drive and dedication to succeed.  Here’s Erin’s full story:  


1. Name: Erin Sanderson


2. Industry of Interest: Film and Television


3. Tell me about yourself:


I am a recent grad from the University of Pittsburgh with a major in Film and Communications. I never stop moving around and working, so staying at home after graduation wasn’t much of an option for me. I decided to spur of the moment move out to LA without a job, apartment, or many connections, and now, here I am!


4. Prior to taking the “How To Get Hired” course approximately how many companies did you apply to:


Before the course I probably applied to about 20 different companies, but I applied for them a handful of times each. Each time a job went up for any of them, I would be sending in my resume.


5. Before taking the “How To Get Hired” course, what was your biggest frustration while job searching:


My biggest frustration was that I was more than qualified for all of the positions I was applying to. I knew that if someone only took the time to look at my resume, I would get an interview. But getting people to look at it was the hard part when hundreds (even thousands) of resumes were being sent in for the same positions.


6. How long did it take for you to get hired after taking the full “How To Get Hired” course:


I got hired less than a week after taking the course. I landed about 4 interviews and actually had to turn down jobs to take the one that I have now.


7. What company did you get HIRED at: I got hired at Delirio Films!


8. Tell me a bit about what that company does:


Delirio Films is a production company that focuses on Documentary and docu-series. You may have seen the documentary “The Short Game” on Netflix that they did, and they are currently working on a documentary executive produced by John Legend, along with a docu-series executive produced by Shia Lebeouf.


9. How did it feel to land your job:


It honestly felt unreal, because I was not expecting such an exciting offer so quickly. I also had heard horror stories of waiting months or even years to land a job in the industry, so I felt extremely fortunate.


10. What do you like best about your job so far:


I love the hands-on nature of the job! I started doing essential things for the company right off the bat, which is highly unusual, but I’ve found it to be rewarding and a huge motivator to be the first one at the office in the morning and the last to leave at night.


11. What is your favorite piece of advice you got from the “How To Get Hired” course:


I think the best advice I received from the How To Get Hired course was definitely about making cover letters personalized. Now I actually am screening interns for the company, and there are so many generic cover letters, and I honestly disregard them. Now I understand why starting off with a unique opener is so important!


12. What did you like best about the “How To Get Hired” course:


I liked that the course was on my own time and at my own pace. The downloads were super helpful to reference whenever I was personalizing a resume or tailoring a cover letter, which I did many times.


13. What advice do you have for other job seekers:


My main advice would be to seriously invest time in getting a job. If you think you can just send a mass resume and cover letter out to a hundred employers, don’t even expect for companies to look at them. I’m sure your experience is good, but 200 applicants are probably more qualified than you. Find a way to stand out, and that takes longer than a few seconds per application.


14. Would you recommend the “How To Get Hired” course to others and who would you say this course is for:


I would definitely recommend this course, especially for people who have just graduated and are looking for jobs in entertainment. I would recommend the course for people who have solid experience but are struggling on showcasing this to employers. It is a great way to learn how to market yourself to professionals!



If you’re ready to invest in your career now, you can purchase the full “How To Get Hired” course by clicking the image below:

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