Sending out several resumes but not getting a single positive response? Have you noticed what you have been doing wrong with your resume all this time? Maybe you are following the same old ‘resume templates’ to prepare and send out resumes to different companies. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind: the days of generic resumes are long gone.


Resumes are calls that you make to potential employers. Good job opportunities are very rare in a lifetime. If a dreamy job opportunity comes your way, make sure that you avail this chance to be different from others in the crowd and show how suitable you are for that job position. You can write a fantastic resume that can open the doors to endless opportunities by keeping the following few points while writing it:


Use Succinct Paragraphs

Nobody likes or even has the time to read lengthy blocks of paragraphs. If you have to write about a number of skills or qualifications, briefly state them in 2 or 3 lines or better use bullets. Bulleted points are easy to read and digest. They are a delight to look at as they give quick and brief information.


Let Your Resume Breathe

How about leaving some white space on your resume? Do not make the paper look chaotic and a complete mess with text and illustrations. Empty space on the resume makes it refreshing to look at. You can do so by removing unnecessary experiences and irrelevant jobs. Also add extra spaces between every section and expand the side margins of the resume.


Make It Unique But Stay Professional

Every person you are going to meet will ask you to add a special something to your resume to make it stand out. It is good to take advices from others but keep in mind that you are writing a professional piece of paper. Try to avoid:


  • Printing your resume on colored pages
  • Using too much italics in the resume
  • Bolding every other line in the resume
  • Using insane amount of exclamation marks
  • Using oddly shaped pages for printing out the resume on
  • Changing the fonts for every other heading
  • Highlighting the paragraphs with bright or even light colors
  • Using any other kind of special embellishments on the paper


Make Compelling Sentences Filled With Impressive Words

You must learn the art of writing a simple sentence in such a way that it attracts the attention of the reader, in this case the recruiter. Avoid using words like ‘assisted’ or ‘helped’. Instead, use words that show what you have done and what you can do for them in future. Action words like, ‘manufactured’, ‘prepared’, ‘developed’, ‘created’, etc. show that you have achieved something in you past job experiences.


Make Your Resume Impressive With Percentages & Figures

It is not compulsory but it would be a great addition to your resume. Try to mention as many figures and percentages related to your past experiences as possible. If, during your last job, you increased your company’s productivity, managed their budgets or improved the response time by ‘X’ amount or percentage, then by all means mention it in your resume.


Use Catchy Key Words & Phrases

Try to insert good amount of work-related phrases and/or keywords in your resume. This helps in making your resume more noticeable in the searches. If you have uploaded your resume in any online job search portal and the recruiter is looking for a suitable candidate using the key words, your resume can easily be spotted in no time.The important thing is to use the key words and phrases that are very close to the job description that you are applying for.

Writing attractive resumes is not that big of a deal anyways. If good amount of concentration is put into preparing a resume, you will surely open the door to not only an interview but also a definite job.


Author Bio: – Anissa Lee is working as a dissertation writer at Mighty Dissertation. She is an author and an artist, and she loves to give free advices to students with their studies. Add her on Facebook to get instant advice.