In today’s technology-driven world, many job seekers have turned to apps, websites, and other online resources to give themselves an edge. And there are many different apps that can help you land your dream job, from career planning to resume building to job searching. Just search “job apps” on Google – you’ll get more than 2.6 million results.


To narrow that down, we took a look at some of the best job apps and websites on the market – outside of the big names like LinkedIn and Monster. Whether you’re about to enter the job search or just want to boost your resume or professional network, start with these resources.


ApplyMate is a free web app that helps job seekers keep track of the positions they apply for and the applications they submit. It can track several job applications at once, as well as applications to colleges or universities. The app provides a dashboard that shows you the status of all your applications in one screen. It also includes advanced features like a progress tracker to keep track of job applications, calendars for due dates and interview dates, and email reminders. You can add the URL links to jobs you’re applying for, as well as enter contact details of the employer or interviewer. You can set calendar reminders to send follow-up emails, schedule interviews, and alert you of upcoming due dates.



CareerBuilder is a haven for online job postings in any industry, from office administration to veterinary technology. It features an advanced search functions that allows user to search by specific keywords, locations, and even salary ranges. CareerBuilder also provides the ability to upload and send your resume to companies that you are interested in. You can search jobs quickly, or log in to save preferences, favorite listings and applications. You can store documents, set up alerts for jobs in certain industries, and get help writing and formatting your resume. CareerBuilder also offers resources for job seekers, including information on competitors, blog posts and articles, and salary calculators.



You may not have thought of Twitter as a resource for job seekers. But the popular social media platform is a hot destination for both candidates and employers. Twitter doesn’t only keep you updated on the latest industry news – it can also help you land a job. Follow companies in your desired field to get automatic updates on job openings. Check the accounts of industry professionals to stay current on industry trends and conversations. Twitter is a great place to research companies, network with professionals, and find open positions before the competition.



ResumeBear is online resume service and application services that matches job seekers with positions. ResumeBear allows users to build a profile with skills, experience, desired industry and more. Then, the site automatically matches users with jobs that are a great fit. It eliminates the need to do multiple searches by keyword, position, or location. With ResumeBear, users can upload resumes and continually update their profile so employers can see the most relevant information. ResumeBear also offers resume tracking, so job seekers can know when their resumes or applications have been opened and read.  This allows job seekers to easily contact and connect with the people who are seeing their resumes.



Like ResumeBear, DoYouBuzz is resume-builder app designed to help job hunters create an impressive online presence through an attractive and organized online resume. The web app offers tools that professionals in various fields can use to advertise themselves to potential employers, including their employment history, certifications acquired, skills, and abilities. DoYouBuzz is a way for job seekers to create fresh, different and creative resumes. Resumes can be optimized for print, web, or mobile interfaces. Users can choose from multiple resume designs and templates. With DoYouBuzz, resumes are more attractive and more visible. DoYouBuzz also allows users to submit resumes to different job sites and track statistics like visits and downloads.


Stand out in the job hunt

If you’re looking to land your dream job, you need to stand out in the crowd. And to do that, you need to use all the resources you can to make your resume, application and professional network pop. While LinkedIn profiles and Monster.com searches are still useful, there are many innovative resources that offer unique and creative ways to showcase your skills and abilities. Stand out better, find jobs faster and get hired sooner with these apps and sites.


What apps and online resources do you use in the job hunt?


Abby Perkins is Managing Editor at Talent Tribune, a SoftwareProviders.com blog dedicated to all things HR.