Ways To Use Instagram To Add To Your Job Search


The internet has made our lives a lot simpler than they were a few years back. Now we can do all sorts of stuff online that we weren’t able to do in the previous years. We can now order pizzas, get our broken sinks fixed, order clothes and even listen to the motivational lectures from the comfort of our sofa on our laptops. Life was never this easy and we really are lucky to be born in the internet generation.


These days social networks are getting used for more and more productive endeavors. Now, through social networks you can do a lot more than just telling the whole world that you just got engaged or ate a pizza or got a beautiful bouquet from your paramour; now you can let the whole world in on your art, your portfolios and in short everything. A lot of artists and talented individuals have started posting their works online, even on Instagram and made their job hunts a lot easier. While this is not the only way to try to land a job, but if you know how to do it right then Instagram can become an added tool. These following tips and tricks are ways to use Instagram to help in your job search:


Broadcast Yourself:

Upload the best of your work to use Instagram as your online profile.  This could get the employers fascinated with your work and ask you for more.


Increase Followers:

This is something that a lot of people are always on the lookout of doing anyway. Having a lot of followers shows networking, which could lead to a foot in the door.


Use Hashtags:

If you are targeting a company and want them to notice you, then you need to use hashtags to connect with their promotions and products.


Tag  People:

You can even tag people in your pictures to get them involved and notice your work.


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