Visual resume is the latest buzzword among job seekers. The reason being, it makes your key information in the resume more visually appealing to the recruiter. A quick scan to the visuals could be a deciding factor for the recruiter to go ahead with reading the entire resume. Adding visual appeal to your CV gives life to your job search.


Visual resume, or the next-generation resume, is a smart way to take a step ahead of the crowd of job seekers relying on the traditional pen and paper resumes. Besides the content, visuals help to highlight your achievements, skills, etc. in the best possible manner.


With the web becoming more visual, online resumes are experiencing a makeover. Non-traditional, particularly visual resumes are gaining popularity with time. These resumes include different media and graphics to present the information about the job applicant in a visually appealing manner.


You can add videos, images, and links to make your visual resume more interactive and presentable to the hiring manager. If your resume is capable to catch the recruiter’s attention, your detailed information is available to them at just a click away from a video or link shared by you.


Some Do’s & Don’ts For A Visual Resume:


  • Customize your resume and content as per the skills required by the company. You can make your visual resume in various creative ways, but the content must remain logical.
  • Adding the visual appeal does not mean that you can add any fancy picture or charts. Anything that does not convey the right message is a sheer waste of your and the recruiter’s time.
  • Creating a visual resume is only the half work done for a job seeker. The next logical step is to share it. There are several interactive tools to visualize and share your resume. LinkedIn is one of the most effective visual resume tools to keep up with the modern job search process and connect with people who can land you to a lucrative job. Pinterest is another excellent option to highlight your work. This unique social media site allows you to ‘pin’ anything from the web to a customized board. JobHive (pictured above) is another platform to create a video or visually attractive resume.
  • Do not forget the professional style of writing a resume for the sake of making it visually more attractive. Pink paper, cutesy embellishments, or emoticons are not apt to be placed on your resume. They have their own places. Use subtle colors in your visuals.
  • A punctuation error or spelling error is the most visually jarring things a recruiter can notice in your resume. So, proofread before submitting.


While you expect that your resume would speak for your qualifications and experience mentioned, an unprofessional or unattractive resume will definitely not be able to win your recruiter’s glance. Hence, it is vital to make your resume look appealing.



Standing out in the competitive job market is critical for every job seeker. A visual resume can boost your online presence with a video, a personal landing page, or an online portfolio. The bottom-line is anything that can enhance your presence in the job market is worth trying.

Good Luck!


About the Author – Swati Srivastava is an avid writer with a keen interest in the extensive domain of job search and career counselling. She is Assistant Manager Content at part of Infoedge), her articles are published on several reputed job search portals and online career magazines.