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Ever since the social media has intervened in our personal and professional lives, people have taken it as a serious medium of searching jobs as well. In the beginning there was only LinkedIn through which you can connect with several people for professional ties. But now people seeking Facebook’s platform for finding a respectable job.



Get Referrals:

In times like now, the concept of referrals has increased greatly. Our friends and family give referrals if they think the job is good for us and mostly we are connected through Facebook with our friends and family, so they can pass on our Facebook profile to the employer looking for an employee.



It is a known fact that millions of people are using Facebook. So the chances of getting a job are much higher, as you can connect with friend and their friends, and their friends and so on. You may get a chance to get noticed by any of the prospective client through these connections.


Learn About The Company:

There is one benefit of your Facebook profile is that you can get selected for a job, but there is another advantage that you can easily gather information about the company. In today’s time, every business and company is bound to have a page on Facebook, there you are, make the most of the information about the company by surfing their page. This way you can get to know about the company in detail, about how they do things and how much the company is known etc.


Get Noticed:

We do everything possible in our reach to get a job and if we are finding job through Facebook then we must prepare our profile accordingly. You need to maintain your ‘About” section perfectly and with details, so if any employer comes looking for you, he gets the complete idea, whether or not you are eligible for the job.


Try to make your ‘About’ section same in all social media sites, like the Facebook’s profile similar as LinkedIn’s etc. Fill up your personal information as much as you can. Mention your education and past work records as well. So even if your friend or someone in extended family reads about it can refer you to some job that are according to your profile.


Connect Often:


Always keep intact with your network or list of people on Facebook. This will make people remember you and if ever they come across any opportunity, they can easily refer you for the job.


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