Transitioning from a Temp Job to a Permanent Position


Many employees have had the experience of accepting a position after just the interview process. It’s exciting until they begin working at the company. In time, they realize they don’t fit in with the corporate culture. The work described in the interview is not what is provided by the company. They may have a personality clash with their supervisor. It’s a situation where the employee is unhappy and feels trapped. The company is considering its options with the employee. What began with so much positive anticipation has developed into a bad situation on both sides.


Temporary to Permanent Positions
When a company uses employees on a temporary to permanent basis, there are many benefits for both sides. The company will get to know the employee. They can see how they interact with the other employees. The supervisors will be able to learn the employee’s style for work. The company will see how the employee handles the company’s work culture and expectations. The employee will get a chance to see if the company is a place where they enjoy working. Time will tell them if the work is something they like doing. The temp employee will see if there are any opportunities to advance. It’s a time when a company and employee can get to know one another without committing to long-term employment.


Expectations Change
When a person is hired full-time by a company after working there as a temp, the expectations of them will change. They are no longer able to call their temp agency with a complaint. They must now address it directly with the company. There are times when temps are not required to stay late or put in extra effort on projects. This changes when a person becomes a full-time employee. They will now be expected to stay late and be held responsible for things the same as other employees.


Corporate Culture
When an employee goes from being a temp to full-time employee, they can no longer simply observe the corporate culture. They are now part of it. The new full-time employee needs to make every effort to blend into the team and accept the way things are done. They will now be expected to share ideas for projects and demonstrate an ability to collaborate with others. It’s a great time to volunteer to do things in the office or work area. This shows a willingness to be part of the team.


Time To Shine
When a company has thought enough of a temp to make them a regular employee, it is time for the new employee to demonstrate their abilities. Showing a high aptitude to understand things is important. An ability to comprehend how to handle situations will also be valuable. They can impress the new employer with their knowledge, skills and a well-developed work ethic. A new employee can impress their immediate supervisors as well as those around them with their professionalism and dedication. This position is no longer a temporary situation. It has now become a career choice.


It is easy as a temp employee to not be too concerned with reputation at company. In many companies, temps are simply considered workers who are gone when a project is finished. When a temp becomes a full-time employee, their reputation can often impact their future with the company. Supervisors and other employees will know if this is a person they can depend on in a difficult situation. Judgments they make in different situations will also be remembered. A person’s level of commitment to doing what is necessary to succeed will also influence how they are perceived around the company.


It’s not uncommon for temp employees to not be included in a number of things going on within a company. It’s difficult to build close relationships with individuals who are going to leave within a specified period of time. When a person goes from being a temp to a full-time employee, it’s time to establish relationships within the company. The new employee should be willing to introduce themselves to colleagues and others around the company. These relationships can help with projects and provide important advice about the workplace. It can also help a person learn about situations to avoid and how to handle different personalities.


Becoming a full-time employee from a temp position will usually come with a new set of benefits. There can be an increase in pay. In some situations, it is substantial. The new employee will have to transition from health insurance, retirement and other benefits provided by the temp agency. Many times the benefits provided by a temp agency are based on hours worked. If there is a downtime, benefits can be reduced. This is no longer a concern when a person is a full-time employee. They may have access to benefits the temp agency was not able to provide.



Amy KlimekAmy Klimek is an experienced HR recruiter and VP of Human Resources for ZipRecruiter, she was employee #7 at, where she first worked with ZipRecruiter’s founders. Her philosophy on human resources infuses the company culture: “To create an open, enriching environment by hiring the best, keeping the rules to a minimum and making it fun.” She’s married and has three active children to whom who she enjoys playing chauffeur.