Top 9 Do’s and Don’ts at Any Job Interview


Is this your first interview? Don’t know what makes you perfect at a job interview? Don’t get worried. Here in this article we shed light on top 9 do’s and Don’ts at any job interview that makes you perfect and stand out.


The interview is a place where candidates are supposed to convince their potential employees about its skills and why should be they hired for the particular job. Therefore, all you need is to be perfectly dressed and talked in a manner that they will encourage to hire you.


DO’S at a job interview:


Be dressed in the right outfit:

Usually the dress code for the office is dress pant and shirt. If you don’t know the dress code of the office you are going at interview it is better to discuss with HR to release tension of what you should wear at the day of the interview.


Don’t forget to take copies of your resume:

It doesn’t matter that the company has your CV you must take the copy of your resume as you never know when an interviewer ask you for it.


Body language:

Be very careful of your body language during the interview because your relaxed position, eye contact and posture can count and create a great impact on the interviewer. Sit straight and still and don’t squirm.


Give the correct answer:

There may be many tricky questions that might trip you up. At this point all you need is to be honest and give the right answer with confidence.


Don’t get late; be on time:

Make sure to reach the spot slightly early for interviews as reaching late can create a bad impression. Leave the house at least an hour before by keeping the unexpected delays in mind like a traffic jam.


Don’ts at a job interview:


Don’t think the interview is over once the interviewer asks you to go:

Always keep in mind that your interview will continue until you will be in the office premises. So be careful with your words and your behavior; be polite in making casual conversation with the people around as well as with the receptionist.


Don’t be too relaxed:

The interviewer is not your friend and don’t treat them like one. It is ok to be friendly with them, but be in the limit as your only aim there is to create a good impression on them. Avoid being too relaxed or you will do something that is unprofessional that will create problems at the end of the day.


Be unprepared:

Before the interview date research about the company as much as you can as this will create a good impression on the interviewer. But avoid being over smart that you know everything about the company.


Address benefits or salary until or unless the interviewer does:

This is one of the most significant factors for you as a candidate, but keeps it on hold till you get the job letter.


After a long search you finally got a job interview call and now it’s your duty to be well prepared for the big day. Above are top 9 do’s and Don’ts at a job interview that make you the perfect candidate from a pool of candidates.


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