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Tips On How To Ace Your Job Interview

Tips on how to ace your Job interview


Luck has been in your great favor and has helped you landing in an interview for your dream job. Acing this interview would be the key for locking the deal. Job interviews can prove to be nerve wrecking and jitters inducing but these are as natural as anything as a human nature phenomenon is. Many people under go distress and sleeplessness the night before the interview however there are certain category of candidates that appear pretty confident on the interview day and that sure is not something made up, they actually are confident. You can also be that confident person, there are certain pre requirements of how to do well in an interview that are a must to know and if you get hold on them properly, you sure get along half way through acing your interview.


By the end of this article you would have the knowledge of some tips on how to ace your dream job interview:


1- Do the Research:

You have been called in for an interview from a company; do all the possible research about that company. Its goals, achievements, founding and future endeavors, all of it! This would certainly help you trim your interests and skills according to the nature of the company. Skim through all the details about the job’s nature and arrange yourself accordingly.


2- Use the appropriate body language and tone:

Most of the time the facial expression completely goes off from the body language during an interview. Keep your posture straight and calm, look in to the eyes of the interviewer while answering but not for too long that might just gross the interviewer. Don’t hesitate to ask a question again if you could not understand it at the first attempt, take your time in giving smart but precise answers, do not blink too much and keep your tone as smooth as possible.


3- Appropriate Dressing:

Appearance maters a great deal. How would you feels about someone who has come in for a job interview at your office in shorts and sweat shirt? A completely unprofessional impact. Use appropriate formal clothing with subtle and calm colors. Your dressing sense speaks louder about your personality than your degree and qualifications, so make sure the sound is pleasing and promising enough.


4- Be Yourself:

Do not ever try to be someone you admire who got the job by using some smart tricks in the interview or may be a movie scene. Reality is way different than fantasy and imagination. Being yourself is the best way to get through an interview, explain what makes you more suitable for the job than any other candidate on the list, what potentials you have that would benefit the company than anyone else and do explain in your perspective the agenda that you would want to apply to help the company achieve its future goals.


5- Punctuality:

Being on time for the interview is in best of your own favors because all the corporate people have so much work lined up that they might not have those extra 10 minutes that your car breakdown would take and they could owe you. Check beforehand every possibility that could get you late, your car fuel, car maintenance, traffic timings, knowing the exact location, everything. Punctuality is the first sign of a well-groomed professional individual.


Author Bio: Steve John is an experienced HR recruiter and certified counselor at the Oil and Gas Company. He is also team lead of expert coursework writers – Done Coursework for the students of colleges and universities at low-priced.