The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 12.5 million Americans are unemployed. It’s an alarming rise since just a few years ago, but what may really surprise you is that meanwhile there has also been a steady increase in the amount of TV Americans watch every day. According to Nielsen’s Audience Report it’s estimated that each household in the U.S. tunes into an average of 8.5 hours per day! Is this a coincidence…or an opportunity?

Today’s TV shows are chock full of real-world career tips which could be easily overlooked. Here are ways today’s popular shows can help you learn skills to search for a job and ace your interview!

Deadliest Catch
The crew brave out Alaska’s Bering Sea casting tons of lines in hopes of catching pods filled of crab. At the end of the day, they pull their lines up and check out their daily catches. The first four pods have nothing at all, but the last one is filled with a multitude of crabs! Lesson Learned: Sometimes you get nothing at all, but don’t be discouraged and never give up when you fall short. Hop back into the search and remember that it only takes one job for you to succeed!

The Voice
An ambitious singer impresses the judge Adam Levine with her talented singing skills. Adam invites her onto his team and coaches her throughout the show with hopes of winning the recording contract. Lesson Learned: In your career find a mentor. Mentors help you to grow in an industry while learning from their experiences and leveraging their network.

Millionaire Matchmaker
There are plenty of fish in the sea for the millionaires who are out there meeting every possible significant other to see if they click with someone. Lesson Learned: Networking! Remember to always expand your network and put yourself out there to people. The more you know the better! Your network is net-worth.

Pretty Little Liars
Four high school friends find themselves in a bit of a bind when their dead friend turns up haunting them. All of their secrets and lies begin to catch up with them as the truth unravels. Lesson Learned: Never lie on your resume; you never know who your interviewer may know or contact about you. If someone says one thing and your resume says another, then what does that say about you?

Jersey Shore
Gym, Tan, Laundry, GTL. Lessoned Learned: Need I say more here? It’s time for your interview, so pamper yourself and look your best. If that means getting a clean razor shave or hitting the nail salon, then go for it. Spending some extra money on your appearance today is an investment in your future and it’s going to help you look great and be more confident in the interview.

Special agents are always looking for clues that will help them solve their criminal cases. Lesson Learned: Research, research, research. What clues can help you get the job? If you review your interviewer’s online presence, you may find similar backgrounds, experiences, or hobbies. Don’t let them know that you did this research, but look for commonalities that you can casually bring up in your interview.

This game is all about forming alliances, not breaking them. You want to outlast everyone and be voted the winner of Survivor. Lesson Learned: Make sure you’re making alliances, not breaking them. You want to outlast the other job candidates and have people who will recommend you and help vote you into your future career.

American Idol
The singers on this competition are passionate about what they do. They’re competing for the title of American Idol and making a name for themselves along the way. Lesson Learned: In your career, never sell yourself short and never let anyone tell you, “No.” Always rely on your strengths and follow your passions!