Being a recruiter, nothing can be easier than a simple click to judge the relevancy of the ideal candidate for immediate appointment or meeting. Gone are the days when employers have to follow traditional methods of recruitment by going through dozens of resumes daily. Consequently, they get nothing but disappointment. Because they might not be able to read the complete resume or miss the most important details essential for an interview, the process of selection remains a big question mark.


With the emergence of social media, half of the problem gets the solution. Now, employers can easily short list the relevant candidates by visiting numerous profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.  It not only gives an overview of the individuals regarding education, professional background and expertise but also, a sound knowledge about their personal details and instincts.


Social media profiles are also known for their honesty as per some in-built options such as recommendations which give an honest opinion about the authentication of the relevant individual. By this, employer can easily figure out the popularity and competency of the person in its professional circle.  A true ease, isn’t it?


Last but not the least, these profiles increase the online presence of the candidates, giving selectors a chance to select as per their settled criteria. Now, there is no need to look into rambling resumes for legitimate selection. Just take your time, make quick decision and appoint a career oriented individual who is ready to serve you at its best.


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The author of this article is a professional writer and editor of academic papers and dissertations for students and works for a UK dissertation writing service. Hannah Smith has been working in the field of academic writing and guidance for over 4 years now and is now working for Dissertation Planet.