Smart Steps to Survive a Sour Workspace


Many professionals out there love the work they do yet hate their workplace. The thought of going to the office and seeing those faces seems atrocious to them. Every day they wish if the 8-10 hours could pass in a flash of moments when they are at work, yet each passing minute seems like an hour to them.  However, ironically, workplace is formed by people working there and they themselves contribute profoundly in forming the Workplace Environment.


Luckily, more and more organizations are striving towards a friendly and flexible culture and they do their best to make the work environment better so their employees fall in love with their jobs! For those who are not lucky enough, here is a list of 8 smart ways to survive a hostile workplace:


Identify the Right Groupand Make Peace with Them

The first thing a wise person would do is to identify who are his friends in the organization. And, it takes only some brief conversations to realize who you can go along with and who is going to become a pain for you. Once you have identified your people, establish good terms with them. Compliment them, and then help them with their work and value their suggestions. However, you should never ever make the mistake of relying on them every time you face a problem. Be a professional and own your mistakes.


Never Reveal Your Weaknesses

Never ever reveal your weaknesses to anyone, not even to your best of colleagues. Even your best buddies can use your weaknesses to peeve you and degrade you, anytime. So, beware! Do your homework well and if you are given something you are not strong at,you may ask for help but in a sensible and smart way that doesn’t hold you back.


Adapt but Do Not Adopt

When you join an organization, spend the initial weeks observing and understanding the organization’s culture, learning your colleagues’ behaviors, inspecting the nature and work style of the senior management and the star employees. In other words, adapt to the environment of your workplace. However, you must never adopt any traits from your surroundings that make you uncomfortable; be yourself!


Shun Workplace Politics

Involving yourself in workplace politics is not going to take you anywhere, but straight to trouble.  Shun it and you will be peaceful throughout your tenure. Also, avoid people who are trying to impair your performance.


Appreciate Others

Appreciate others as much as you wish to be appreciated. It is a tremendously-effective remedy for a negative and hostile environment, and it puts you in the good books of your co-workers.


Don’t Make False Assumptions

If you know there’s a gossip about you in the air, leave it there. Do not form any false assumptions hearing the bits and pieces from here and there. It is only going to upset you and create hindrance in your performance.


Smile on Small Victories

Do not let any moment of happiness escape without putting a smile on your face. Celebrate small victories, because they are going to lead you to the big ones. Live your success and spread the wings to fly higher. Share your success with your people and do not let the criticism of your opponents bring you down.


Always Report Harassment

Although it is good to ignore the negatives of your environment, but at the same time it, is essential to be aware of their presence as well. And if this negativity translates into any form of harassment, report it immediately. Do not fear of losing your job.


Author Bio:  Anais John is the editor in Chief at Essay Mall, a platform that’s been offering Custom essays to students via an online firm.