5 Signs To Know If You Are Cut Out For Your Current Job


Recently got a new job or looking for one? Do you feel lost and delusional? Are there other roles that hold a mysterious attraction for you? You might not be made for your current position after all. Here are five signs that will tell if you are cut out for your present job or if you need find another one.


Choosing the right job is by far one of the most confusing and anxiety-ridden task for us, as once you have made the choice, it’s hard to go back. You must have heard many of your friends complaining about their job being too boring, or demanding. There must have been times when you would have felt the same. Such times are part and parcel of a professional life. But that doesn’t always mean that you are made for something else. Or as it is said in popular culture, you have a different calling.


Sure, you must have felt like leaving your current job for something “better”. But a deeper introspection would reveal the positive aspects of your existing job. Working in a competitive environment is often riddled with periodic phases of success and challenges. The key to a fulfilling career is finding a balance between both.


If you need help in determining if your current role is good for your career, look for these five signs:


Your job inches you closer to your goals

What do you want to become when you grow old? Remember how everyone asked you this same question, and how your answer would change every other month. Everyone has that one ultimate career goal, a place where they would like to see themselves, say, after working for 20 years.


For instance, Sam wants to become a movie director but currently he is working in an ad agency doing copywriting. The connection is not as prominent as one would have liked it to be, but being in a creative role will certainly help Sam take on greater responsibilities when their time comes. If your job helps you in the smallest way to reach that goal, then you are probably in the right place.


You are not desperate about your monthly paycheck

True, we all need money to sustain a respectable lifestyle, and that might be one of the more important reasons of doing a job. Yet, if you are in a job that you love, it is common to get so engrossed in work that money takes a backseat in the mind, and this happens involuntarily. Barring that occasion when your monthly finances went a bit haywire owing to a new car that you bought; you rarely hold your breath for the monthly salary. You know it’s going to come anyway, so why not focus on what you love about your job. Those who are doing a job just because they got used to the money are amongst the most dissatisfied lot and probably need a change. Rest, all are doing fine.


You are in control of your life

What’s the use of a job that doesn’t gives you time to even breathe? A job that leaves you all exhausted and tired at the end of the day certainly isn’t worth any amount of money. On the other hand, if you are in total control of your daily schedule, if you have the freedom and flexibility to change it in at a jiffy, if required to do so, nothing trumps that. In short, work-life balance is always an important factor that you must consider while judging a job’s merits and de-merits. If you are enjoying a good work-life balance, you are at the right place.


You are liked for what you are

In addition to the professional aspect of a job, one must not forget that there is a personal aspect as well, which is very integral to a life. You will be surrounded by the same set of people for 8-9 hours straight day in and day out. They are your colleagues, they will be your friends and many of them will certainly be affecting your life in some way or the other.


At the end of the day, you have to make sure that your life is not getting overtly affected by the opinion of others. Does your job constantly require efforts to adapt to the mental level and thinking style of your colleagues? Can you be yourself at work? Can you forget about being judged and focus your entire attention at work? If the answers to the first is no and the latter two is yes, then you are at the right place.


You leave for your home, contented and satisfied

The simplest measure of your “compatibility” with the current job is your satisfaction level. This is something that is subjective and cannot be measured explicitly. However, at the end of the day if you leave for your place happy, satisfied, contented, looking forward to another day at work, you are one of the few lucky professionals who are doing exactly doing what they are cut out to.


With all these indicators, it must be now easy for you to judge whether you are at the right place, or you need to find one.


Author Bio: Saurabh Tyagi is a writer, a keen watcher of latest job trends and social media enthusiast. When he is not writing career advice for job seekers, you will find him listening to his favorite music. Connect to him at linkedin.com/in/saurabhty