The Secret To Answering Why Should I Hire You


You are at an interview and everything is going well. Your interviewer goes on, and says “Ok, so all is well, I will ask one final question from you and that is, tell me above everyone else, why should I hire you?” Suddenly you run out of all the answers, because you think what you have said prior to this question is exactly the reason he should hire you for. He should hire you for all the achievements and the profile you have as well as how well your interview has been going. However, this is not the case, this dreaded and most annoying question comes in every interview you go to and the answer to this is just not simple enough.


The secret to answering this question is something that is easier to find, but also is something that you should have found prior to attending the interview. You just cannot prepare an effective and convincing enough answer for this question during the interview stage with all that is going on. Some candidates might be exceptional enough to do that, but it is always good to play a safe bet. So we are going to talk about three places you can look into and find the secret answer to this question.


Look at the job description

When you are being called for the interview and you still have not seen the job description, then request for one. A job description is usually there with the job advertisement somewhere, but if you still fail to find it, then ask for one. Within that job description, find four areas where you think you are the strongest and most innovative and then prepare an answer based around those areas. So, for example, your answer could be, “Since I have a tremendous experience in numbers and my achievements prove that, I will be able to carry out this significant part of my job description very effectively and for that I think I should be given a chance”.


Focus on how important you can be to the company

The next task is to find where you fit within the company and convince your interviewer that how important it is to fit you there instead of someone else. Tell him, being in that role will not only help you, but also allow the company to move in the right direction if your skills are utilized to the fullest. Convince the company that the role you carry out will prove to be a game changer for them. However, use a very convincing tone rather than a dominating or show off one. Employers do not like people showing off about their skills during the interview.


Avoid clichéd answers

Finally, avoid clichéd answers to this question. Do not repeat someone else’s answers. This is the worst thing you can do to improve your chances and convince your employer. Your answer should have originality and passion when it comes to the reasoning of why you should be hired.


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