Online Classes that Help Lead to a Job


Quick hires and a great pay, that seems to be the aim ofall undergraduate students. Well we don’t blame you because, after all, that isone of the reasons for obtaining a higher education in the first place, right?


Unfortunately, many students are bound to the house for several reasons: disabilities, remote location, shifting veteran spouse, parenting, or even a demanding full-time job. Technology today enables people to not only work online, but also study online – and do much more!


If you’re interested in an online degree, program, or a course with rewarding and lucrative benefits, you need to consider one of these top X programs that will guarantee employment and, in many cases, a high pay.


1)      Nurse Practitioner: A nurse practitioner is and always has been a highly demandedline of work. This is one of those career professions that guaranteeboth immediate employment and a high pay. The median annual salary for nurse practitioners is $89,960. Some of the best Universities that offer online programs in the field are Medical University of South Carolina and UMass Amherst.


2)      iPhone Application Programming: If you’re a programming geek, you might want to try out Stanford University’s free course training offered to people who want to build iPhone apps. Put a Stanford Course and the iPhone together (and of course some programming knowledge) and you’ll be making the big bucks in no time.


3)      Computer and Information System’s Manager: CIS managers are tech specialists who look over a company’s information systems.  You can imagine the delicate nature of an organization’s information infrastructure. This is exactly why these guys are so well-paid. Plenty of Universities offer online courses in Computer Science, Information Systems, and Management Information Systems.


4)      Website Design: Web design is currently on the top of the list of “jobs high in demand”. According to internetlivestats, there was a 44% increase in the number of websites in 2014 compared to the year 2013 and the number seems to be increasing rapidly. You can imagine the amount of web design jobs this trend creates, and some opportunities are highly lucrative. Here’s a list of the top 15 most affordable online web design programs offered by some of the best Universities.


5)      Market Research Analyst: Market research analysts are responsible for doing extensive market research and finding out people’s preferences, habits, and behaviors. The information helps big companies like Pepsi, Coke, and Mac figure out how they need to adjust their products as per the market’s demands. Theseprograms involve a lot of math’s (statistics) and business knowledge. Some of the best programs offered include those offered by Arizona State University, Washington State University, and Daytona State College.


6)      Political Scientist: If you’re into politics and keep yourself up-to-date with knowledge of the current affairs, you can opt for this in-demand program. Political scientists collect data on public opinion, elections, and other such events. The government, a political party, or a non-profit organization could hire them. Here’s a list of 12 careers for political science majors.


7)      Finance for Managers: If you’re a manager looking forward to a promotion, adding to your knowledge of finance, economics, and analytics will surely pay off. Many managerial positions require added qualifications to go up one level. Finance for manager’s course will equip you with the tools and techniques that will allow you analyze various business situations. Being able to solve the big problems is a handy skill that is highly valued by the upper management. The median salaries of managers who opt for the program with the intent of promotion range from $60,000 to $100,000.


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