How The Learning Landscape Has Changed With The Growth In Technology


The advancements and revolutions our world has gone through is outstanding and remarkable. It is also kind of shocking for people who belong to early eras of the century. According to them, it is unfair with the amount of ease and technology that people have today, in order to get the same work done, that they used to do. The kind of advancements that our world has made today, has created a huge generation gap between us and the people who come from the old times. Such advancements have not only redefined and changed the dynamics of everything we do from a small bit to large machines as well as they have created so many amazing opportunities that were never thought of before by anyone.


Another trait of this modern era is the multiple use of technology for various purposes. Take an example of a modern computer. It is so powerful that it can be used for modern day entertainment experience, or could be used to complete a full blown academic assignment. This is how flexible our technology has become today without us really knowing such a huge difference. The modern day students and people take technology for granted because they have been privileged to have such ease and convenience in their life, since they have been born in this world. They hardly know that struggle or toughness which was the routine of the previous age. Such growth in modern times, have also changed the way we learn and has redefined the entire learning landscape for students. Today we will be mentioning four key ways, which are the modern ways of learning.


Learning through digital media

Digital Media is one of the most fascinating aspects of the modern times. Learning through digital media is now a very common concept, something which was very new for a decade. Now the use of various digital media tools in the assistance of students to learn is immense. From using computers and the internet websites to various digital media applications everything is now cornered towards this part when it comes to the modern way of learning. The growth and penetration of Digital Media is now outgrowing that of a traditional, which means that soon it will be even more interesting and influencing.


Learning through the virtual world

Continue our debate on the digital media and the internet. The extension goes far beyond just the assistance. Now students can do complete online degree programs virtually, by just sitting in their homes. Who would have thought such a development would take place in our world?


Practical projects more than theoretical work

With the growth in technology and media, students today also think in a very different way. This is why the approach to teach them is also very different. More practical projects are given as compared to theoretical work.


Prefer videos and aesthetics compared to books

Students of today, learn better through visual appeal compared to words and books. This is a change that has recently changed the way students learn and also has influenced to teachers to adopt methods promoting such learning.


Author Bio

Clark Shaw is the author of this guest post. Clark has worked as an analyst in the modern education sector across different countries. He regularly sends his blogs on the website