Many students fear their first job interview. The nervousness of appearing in their first interview makes them confused and often leaves them speechless when employers ask questions. So, it is always better to learn and practice answers for the most common questions asked by the interviewers when you walk in for the interview.


Following is a list of common job interview questions along with the guidelines for answering them for your assistance so that you are not left in the interview:


Question: Tell us something about yourself

How to answer: Though this question is popular, many students do not pay even a little attention to preparation of this question when they go for an interview. When asked, you should first take a while to think and tailor your answer and do not provide too much of information. Remember that some information once delivered cannot be taken back. So, provide an overview of your interests and skills and end your answer with a smile.


Question: Why do you think you are perfect for this position?

How to answer: Think your answer wisely before you go for an interview. Create your answer based on your experiences in that particular field. Tell the employers about the training you have achieved for the specific job and tell them how such training and experience will help you perform better in that particular job.


Question: What are your weaknesses?

How to answer: Your employers want to know your actual weaknesses so that they can judge your abilities and honesty. Be honest but don’t get too carried away when listing your weaknesses. Make sure to end your answer on a light and positive note so that employers can see your high spirits and positive outlook on life.


Question: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years from now?

How to answer: First you need to understand the motive of employers when they ask you this question. They are looking forward to learn about you ambitions and dreams. Answer with great enthusiasm to work for the company and demonstrate your commitment and leadership skills.


Question: Why did you choose to study in that university?

How to answer: Since you probably don’t have any past working experience or career choices that you made, the employers are going to ask you about your past choices regarding selection of university and courses. Be confident about your choices no matter how they react to the name of university or the courses that you picked. Confidently tell them the goals for which you selected any course and why you want a career based on such qualifications.


Question: Tell us some of your success and failure stories

How to answer: You would not have any success of failure stories related to workbeing a student. Obviously when the employers ask about such stories, they mean to ask about your college life experiences. Either you were a student body representative or a cheerleader and tell them about your role as a leader and a team-mate in various activities. If you were rewarded certificates in any co-curricular activities, you can also show them those certificates to support your answer.


Question: Do you have any questions to ask?

How to answer: If your employer asks this question, do not get too excited and become the interviewer yourself. Shortlist your main concerns regarding the job and put forward your questions in a very polite manner. According to experts, interviewers usually dislike questions regarding working hours, benefits and pay scale. Try to ask questions that relate to your future responsibilities in case you get the job you are getting interviewed for.


Written By Sharon Stuart –  Sharon works for Dissertation Mall providing dissertation Proposal Writing service all over the UK and beyond. She has a deep passion for poetry and she loves everything romantic.