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College life is all about having fun, partying and making new friends or that is what it seems so. However, right after you graduate from college you are hit with a pang of reality: Job!

Nobody bothers you much during college life, at least not much. But when you graduate, the first thing people say to you is, “What do you plan to do now”. You tell them, with complete confidence, that you have made a list of companies and plan to give interviews there.


However, after spending a few months emailing almost hundreds of C.Vs, you have absolutely no idea where your career is headed. I remember, when I graduated I was pretty confident that I would get a job in some high profile company. However, after four months I had lost all hope.


One of the biggest mistakes young job seekers make is to lose hope and end up depressed. Finding a job is a job itself. It requires a lot of motivation and perseverance, especially if you plan to do a job which you love to do.


Nevertheless, here are a few tips that might help you with your job hunt:



LinkedIn is a great social networking site for professionals. Through this you can connect with other people of your professionals easily via internet. I would advise young people to make a LinkedIn profile as early as possible. In fact, it would be better if you make a profile when you are in university. You can add all the academic achievements that you have earned or volunteer work you have done. This would show the employer that you already have done some responsible work.



Most often I run into college students who have absolutely no idea what they want to do in life. They have not decided their majors, and even those who do have a major, change it after some time.


It is very important that you have a plan for your future. Spending four years in college, without knowing what you want to do and amassing debt, will only add to your problems. Employers do not want candidates who are unsure of themselves. Therefore, plan things ahead so that you may make your future bright.



Every college has a career or placement office. The placement office has links not only with various industries, but they also have links with the alumni, who are willing to share their experiences and advises with students. Use their guidance or resources to your advantage.



Every industry has a group where professional from that industry gather and share their experiences. Joining such a group will help you make contacts with who’s-who of your industry. It will also help you get an idea of the type of and number of jobs available. You will know beforehand about all the job postings. This will be a big plus for you.


About Author:
Florence Jessica, aka Jessi, is a free spirit person having a lot of love for nature and obsession for pastries, yummy! Presently serving WritersLounge as a personal statement writer, Jessi loves to help out students with their college admission process. She has dedicated her professional life to making sure not a single student under her wing fails the admission process.