This article is help guide you on how to find and secure a summer internship. Some internships pay, some do not. Some companies hire their interns and make their summer internship experience more important. Hence, it is vital to prepare yourself to grab that perfect internship for you and kick start your career.


Why it is important?

Now the important question is why you need an internship. Internship plays a crucial role at the start of your career. Career counselors and experts encourage young students to go for internships in the area of their interest and plan for a full-time job.


Summer internships are mostly seen as the first step to gain relevant experience in a job. This is an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in your college and get the required industry exposure. This in turn will allow you to decide about the right career path for you in the future. Summer internships also help you to develop the job related skills. The work experience gained during this period adds value to your resume.


How to grab the one?

Here is a 5-step plan that can help you to land a summer internship.


1) Boost Your Passion

For a better career tomorrow, push your passion now. If you want to be an interior designer, understand your passion and start motivating yourself to get an internship in the related field. Start applying online and offline for internships at reputed designing firms. You never know, your efforts and skills might get noticed and you can turn your passion into a full-time job.


2) Browse the Web

In this Internet age, it is not difficult to search for anything online. Hence, another possible way to find a summer internship is to search online. Using a broad database website allows you to search internships as per your preference for location, company type and job role. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get the desired result.


3) Build Network

For finding a job or an internship, career networking plays a crucial role. Networking is another strategic approach that can help you to zero in on a right job, at the right time, and place. The best way to build your network is to connect with people on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to finding a career opportunity, the power of social networking really works.


4) Scour All Other Options

Apart from your social media networks and company websites, research about all other possible options that can land you to an internship.  This could be a team member in your football team, college alumni, a family friend, or anything else that can fulfill your purpose.


5) Prepare for the Interview

Once you have managed to get an interview call for internship, it is important to prepare for it in order to secure it. Brush up your knowledge of the industry, dress appropriately, be confident, and maintain the professional attitude. For instance, if applying for an internship at a financial firm, revise the financial terms. You should be able to answer the questions smartly.


With an increase in the competition, it has become vital to work a little harder and plan a smart strategy.

Good Luck!


About the Author – Swati Srivastava is an avid writer with a keen interest in the extensive domain of job search and career counselling. She is Assistant Manager Content at Naukrigulf.com(a part of Infoedge), her articles are published on several reputed job search portals and online career magazines.