How To Create A Great Profile On LinkedIn


In today’s modern world, social media is one of the best ways to land a job. LinkedIn has made it possible for job seeker to create a professional profile over it for better opportunities. If you’re a job seeker and willing to engage LinkedIn in your new job hunt process, then your decision is right. Check out the information shared below to learn the best ways to utilize LinkedIn for better job opportunities.


Upload A Professional Photo

First impression is the last impression. It’s vital to upload a professional picture over LinkedIn to provide a solid impression to every employer who visits your profile. Make sure to dress in a formal way to provide a professional look.


Killer Headlines

Headline plays a major role to hook the attention of the employer. Use the power of words to write a catchy title along with your job description. Keep in mind to add keywords in your text to increase visibility in front of employers that are searching for talented people.


Connect To Professionals

The best feature of LinkedIn platform is the professional network. You can also connect and interact with the professional people of your industry to widen your professional network. When you have an extensive list of professional contact, you could easily and quickly land a new job.


Accept Recommendations

We all know that the recommendation is a key part of hiring process. Utilize the power of recommendations to avail better opportunities. When you welcome your previous bosses and colleagues to recommend you on LinkedIn, you will get a chance to impress your potential employers.


Add Job Seekers Groups

Today with the advancement in technology job seeker could easily reach to new jobs by joining job seekers group. Many job Seekers agencies have their profiles on LinkedIn. Adding them will allow you to benefit by new job openings.


Create A Visual Resume

LinkedIn enables users to develop highlight their expertise in a modern way. By signing up to this modern form, you can also represent your knowledge, skills and experience clearly. In addition, it will allow you to add keywords that are suitable for your industry so that employers would easily reach you.


Never Include Irrelevant Information

Ensue to delete information that is not relevant to your field. According to a new survey based report it is proved that people who add irrelevant information on their profile lessen the chances of getting hired on high positions. Make your profile easy to understand by including information that is demanded by the employers.


In conclusion it could be said now that by following the professional advice shared above anyone could easily create a winning profile over LinkedIn for better opportunities.


Author Bio: Jessica Barden is a creative content writer and blogger that facilitate and guide professional people about dissertation writing help at Dissertation Club. In these days, she is writing guest blog for popular job hunt sites to assist people who want to strengthen their career.