How to Ace Your Skype Interview


To assist expedite and rationalize the process of interviews, many employers all over the globe are moving towards interviews through webcam. While certain individuals go with professional video interviewing services like HireVue and Async interview to vet candidates, whereas a great number of other employers opt for Skype and Google Hangouts to aid their cause. The fact remains irrespective of what video service the hiring company utilizes: the aspect that may make or break your job search through a webcam is the ability to sell yourself well on camera.


It is a screening interview for the hiring manger. As stated by a job search expert from Alison Doyle, it is exactly as if an individual gives an in-person interview or a phone interview for that matter. To the next stage of the recruitment process, this interview will either get you through or not. In order to be sure that your next video interview goes off without a hitch, mentioned below are certain plain guiding principles;


  1. A Practice run must be opted:

Take a few dry runs prior to signing in for the formal interview. Doyle further states that in order to get familiar with the process, try utilizing a webcam service to talk with family of friends, or get a feedback from a trusted individual after a mock interview session with him/her. This would assist you in figuring what is your lacking and strong points while being on a webcam.

Prior to commencing the interview, make sure to double check your webcam and computer. In case of utilizing a laptop during the interview, be sure to check its battery and whether the laptop is plugged in properly when in need.


  1. Gear-up to Triumph:

In an attire that is most appropriate for the position, professional and clean, dress as you would for any other interview. As stated by Doyle, ‘The employer must get the feel of professionalism from your side in terms of the attire and attitude both’. Certain things might seem distracting on camera, such as busy patterns or bright white clothing. From your face, be very keen to not to draw too much attention. Before wearing your outfit for the interview, check how it appears on a video stream, as this may leave a strong impression.

As per Christopher Young, a video interview provider and CEO of Async Interview, make sure to dress from head to toe. You’d be surprised to know that it is of high significance to do so, as there are some individuals that are of the opinion that dressing from waist-up would do it, however not is the case because at times an individual tends to move from their seats for certain reasons and that may as well be a big let-down when it comes to the impression.


  1. Placement of the View:

A unique opportunity to control your surroundings during a webcam interview can be availed through an interview being conducted at home. By setting up the interview space with perfection, take advantage of that very freedom! As per Doyle, select a room with an unobtrusive and clean background with a quiet environment free from a playful pet, kids, family members, or biggest al all a PHONE ringing off course. The clearer and prominent the background, the better impression it leaves, to suit your needs adjust the lighting accordingly, so that your face is not darken with the lights exactly behind your face.


  1. Framing ought to be adjusted:

Doyle recommends trying to frame yourself in a way so the camera picks-up your face and shoulders to avoid uncomfortable close-ups. Eye contact and postures are the key as with any professional yet formal interview. To strike the impression of strong eye contact, look directly into the webcam while answering questions during your interview. You must never move in and out of the frame due to not sitting up straight or fidgeting for that matter.


Apart from your face, put aside everything away from the camera view, such as the notes during an interview, as this may as well draw your attention away from the interviewer which would eventually leave a highly unprofessional image of yourself.


  1. NO Stressing-out:

Consider it as an interview or a formal meeting that happens to on a Video or Skype to be precise. Be as much confident as you can and give it your best as per your knowledge keeping well in mind the professional limitations of an interview. The interviewer will not expect you to be perfect, however you must be able to justify your application for the position that you have applied.


Young strongly suggests, Do NOT be afraid to get in touch with your recruiter or your service provider’s tech support, if something is to go wrong during the interview. Be very straight to mention the issue to the interviewer as they are well aware of such glitches while conducting these sessions over the means of video and honesty is much appreciated than a cover-up.

You’re on Camera…. SMILE!


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