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Many students dream of getting a permanent job offer upon completion of their internship however, it’s not always all that easy. Organizations usually hire those interns who look promising and enthusiastic, and if those interns are able to keep up that performance and attitude throughout the internship, they get permanent employment. Let’s take a look at some other aspects as well that can lead an intern to a permanent job:

  1. Never Say No

It is the most basic golden rule for turning your summer internship into a permanent job. Your boss does not expect or want to hear ‘No’ to any task when he hires you. Even if your job doesn’t include making coffee or arranging files for your boss, you are expected to do it without any complains.


  1. Ready, Steady And Go

When your boss asks you to submit any report or gives you a deadline, be sure to complete your work within the deadline. It is best to start working on the task as soon as your boss assigns it to you. By completing work before deadline, you can give yourself enough time to check for any mistakes. Also, you can build a good reputation in the eyes of your boss by submitting work on or before the deadline.


  1. Develop Good Relations In Office

It is very essential to build good relationship with your colleagues and boss during internship period. Such relations become useful when the organization considers your application for a permanent job. They review your performance based on the completion of tasks and feedbacks given by the staff. You do not need to develop good relations for good comments only. Good relations with fellow workers provide you with an opportunity to learn from them and take their advices regarding problems that you face in professional settings.


  1. Work On Your Academic Performance

Many employers consider academic credentials more than performance during internship period. Maintain a good academic record and include all your academic achievements, whether big or small, in your resume when you apply for a permanent job.


  1. Avoid Conflicts

It is best to avoid conflicts with colleagues and seniors when you are an intern. If there is a fight between two other interns in office, do not become a mediator and get yourself in trouble. Instead, mind your own business.


  1. Communicate With Your Boss

If you have any great ideas, share them with your boss. Take your time to prepare a presentation, and surprise your boss with great ideas. Show your enthusiasm, but make sure to not sound overconfident. Participate during office meetings, and be vocal with your opinions and suggestions. If you disagree with any idea of your boss or seniors, politely express your concerns and suggest your ideas.


  1. Show Your Reliability

Be reliable. It is the best way to gain confidence of your boss. Be the kind of person on whom your boss can count in tough situations. Build a relationship of trust by completing each and every task in time with great efficiency.


  1. Follow Work Ethics And Company Rules

Always follow work ethics strictly during your internship period. Low work ethics puts a very wrong impression on the organizations and makes them think twice before hiring you for a permanent job. So, be sure to follow company rules and ethics to maintain a good reputation in office.

These tips have proved to be helpful for many interns to get a permanent job offer at the end of their internship. If you want to be one of them, you also need to consider these tips seriously.




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