6 Unique Tips That Lead to a More Productive Day


We all have days when we feel tired, stressed and just can’t be bothered. This can inevitably lead to having a pretty unproductive day and can just make us feel worse. But stop right there, because help is here! Here we have given you our top six tips that will ensure you to have a more productive day.

1.       Meditation

You will be surprised at the effects of taking just ten minutes of your day to meditate. This will allow you to clear your mind and keep you calm, which can boost your concentration significantly. You can watch meditation tutorials on YouTube, or download meditation apps on to your phone, so you can meditate wherever you go. Try doing this before you go to bed, so you can go to sleep feeling relaxed and be well rested and ready for the next day.


2.       Exercise

Going to the gym, going for a walk or doing twenty minutes of simple exercise at home is also great for helping you concentrate. Not only is exercise good for you physically, but it helps decrease stress and anxiety significantly. Next time you are thinking of driving or getting the bus somewhere, consider walking instead and feel the difference.


3.       Blueberries

Did you know that blueberries are scientifically proven to boost your concentration and energy levels? A handful of blueberries in the morning can significantly increase alertness and last until late afternoon.  A perfect way to kick-start your day and to ensure you don’t lose focus.


4.       Write a list

If you are one of those people who tends to get overwhelmed when the work load piles up, then suddenly have a freak out and want to have a breakdown, fear not! Writing lists is your solution to making you feel more in control. Before you go to sleep, write down everything that you want to get done for the next day. They can be as minor as ‘remember to buy vegetables on the way home’ or ‘send this person an email’, then tick the jobs off once they’ve been completed. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by work and spend more time worrying about it then actually doing it, but having a list will make you feel organised and add some structure to your day. Check your list at the end of the day to see how many jobs you got done, and you will see how productive you have been!


5.       Drink water

When you’re dehydrated, you’ll have much less energy and feel as if you just want to go to bed. Always have a bottle of water with you, and refill throughout the day. You will remain energized throughout the day and feel good.


6.       “Me” time

Everyone needs some time out now and again and taking care of your health should be a priority. When we are under pressure from work, it’s easy to think, ‘I don’t have time for a break. I have too much work that has to be done.” However, not taking time out can be damaging in the long run. Try to schedule at least an hour a day for some time to reflect and relax. Whether you work in an office or at home, always take at least an hour off to leave your work space and go for a walk to clear your head. You will come back feeling refreshed and you will be much more productive this way. Taking a break is not a sign of weakness, so allow yourself some time out when you’re feeling the strain and you will be much more productive.


What helps you be more productive? Share your tips with us!


Written by Yasmin Codron, Blogger and Marketing Assistant for Graduate Recruitment Bureau. Her work involves writing insightful, advice based articles for graduates, students and job hunters.