Reasons You Should Definitely Take Lunch Break at Work


There are some people who think that the reasons why they should take lunch breaks at work are over-rated, but others surely realize the importance of lunch breaks and make sure to enjoy one too. Taking a break after spending a long tiring day at work can help you increase your productivity and efficiency by a great number. Sometimes, the work load may make it appear impossible to take breaks, but if you are serious improving your efficiency, then you would find a way to take a break.


If you are not a fan of taking breaks at work and prefer sticking to your seat when you are working on an important project, you are wasting your time. According to Kimberly Elsbach, a professor at UC-Davis, says, “Never taking a break from very careful thought work actually reduces your ability to be creative”.


Therefore, you must not take your lunch break for granted, but consider it as an opportunity to boost your performance and efficiency. Here are the 6 reasons why a lunch break at work is important and how it can benefit you:


Boosts Your Brain Function

Nothing can boost your brain function more efficiently than a short lunch break. Even if you do not realize it, your brain functioning starts deteriorating if you continue working for long hours without taking any breaks. So, instead of squeezing the juice out of your brain, consider taking a break from work to double or triple the volume of the juice than you squeezed.


Increases Productivity and Concentration Levels

According to various researches, the bigger the company or firm gets, the more work load increases and shorter the lunch breaks become. According to a 2013 BBC report, focused on office lunch breaks, a survey conducted on 600 office workers pointed out that 54% of the employees – almost half of the workforce – don’t take any lunch break at all. Not taking breaks does not only affect your work but also your health, and sometimes deludes your ability to work efficiently.


Sometimes, it happens that an idea you have been waiting for hours while concentrating on a project pops up in your mind when you take a short break from work. It is a fact that taking a break is useful in refreshing your mind and body, and therefore beneficial for your performance at work as well. So, be wise and do not forget to take a few minutes break to rejuvenate your neurons.


Satisfies Your Appetite

While one may not need a whole meal in the afternoon, one may need at least a few pieces of brain-powering foods to function properly and efficiently.


Working on an empty stomach does not only give you headaches but makes you lose concentration as well. So, in order to avoid hunger distraction, take a break to satisfy your appetite and get back to work with a boosted energy.


Improves Memory

Sometimes, all it takes to refresh your mind and body is a quick power nap during lunch break at office. Do not let burden of work ruin your break. Plan ahead and make your schedule for the day as soon as you reach your office in the morning, and do not forget to include lunch break in it. If you want to eat and sleep both but have not much time for them, try taking a nap during lunch break and snack some food during working hours to keep you fresh and going.


Office timings cannot become flexible in accordance with your personal life. If you had a party last night or had to stay up late for any reason, get yourself a quick nap in office during lunch break. A nap during lunch break does not just let you complete your rest but also makes you feel fresh and energetic.


Gives a Perfect Time for Workout

Lunch break does not necessarily mean you have to take time out for eating a meal only. Do a quick workout session during lunch break if you believe that you have been putting up some weight. Ask your trainer for some cardio exercises and also those workouts that are easy and less time consuming. This way, you can take a break from your work to fresh up your mind and maintain your body at the same time.


Freshens Up Mood

Last but not the least, for some people catching up with colleagues and friends is all they need to freshen up their mood. It becomes almost impossible to take time out for socializing during a hectic day at work. So, make full use of your lunch break and grab a meal with co-workers and friends during the lunch hour. Even if you are not going to eat anything during the break, make sure to have a little chit chat with your colleagues to encourage a happy workplace environment.


Lunch breaks shouldn’t be an option but a necessity to promote a healthy workforce as well as a productive workplace.


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