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5 Ways To Find A Valuable Internship For You

5 Ways To Find A Valuable Internship For You


There is so much that goes on around you when you are in college; friends, sports, academic coursework, community services, etc.  But, you know you have to take out time and do one or more than one internships to gain that extra credit or to have a valuable experience while attending college.


The most important thing is to keep in mind that an internship can always open your doors to a full-time job. And so, you must do all that it takes to land that perfect internship. Take a look at the following five ways to learn how you can find yourself the right job:


  1. Have Clear Goals In Mind

Ask yourself what field you would like to see yourself working in. This is the first and the most basic thing that you must know before you even start looking for an internship. Nobody in this world can help you with your career if you are not clear what you wish to do. Set clear goals in mind, and answer the following questions to learn about your interest:


  • Do you see a lawyer and wonder if you could work like that?
  • Do you see yourself as a teacher, trying to bring a difference in the lives of the students?
  • Does photography or art interest you?
  • Are you interested at all in learning how to create a website?
  • Do you like helping people? Does curing illnesses and prescribing medicines sound interesting to you?

By the time you will reach the last question, you will know the field you need the internship in.


  1. Visit Your Career Center

Before you start worrying where to start from to find an internship, pay a visit to your university’s or college’s career center. The sole purpose of this place is to help you find a job that is most suitable for you. Fix up one-on-one meetings with the career counsellors and let them know about your filed of interest. This is not only going to help them find good internships for you according to your interest but would also save your time by making you stay at the right track.

  1. Search Online For Internship Websites

You search for food, clothing, movies and what not on the internet. Why not try and find an amazing internship online? You may not realize it but you may find excellent job opportunities if you search for the websites to look for internships. Narrow down your search if you wish to work in a specific field like engineering or arts, and keep searching for internship websites till you find an opportunity that sounds best for you.


  1. Seek Help From Local Resources

It is the easiest and the most common way for finding a good internship. Spread the word around in your family and friends that you are looking for a job. This way, they can notify you as soon as they hear something that may be of your interest. You can also seek help from local resources like:


  • Your professor at college
  • Friends of friends who can hook you up for an interview at a good company
  • A specific organization or company that you have always dreamt of working with
  • Updated guidebooks for finding internships at your local library


  1. Attending Career Fairs

Career fair is one place that brings all the internship opportunities under one roof for you. All you need to do is understand how it works and attend it to your full advantage. Employers from top companies are there for the recruitment of talented interns, and if you can prove yourself to be skilful and highly beneficial for them, then you have got yourself an impressive internship. Work on your brief introduction before meeting any employer, and make sure that you follow up with them after the fair.


Following these points would help you in looking for your dream internship, but first you need to give extra attention to write an impressive internship resume. If all goes well, there will be no hurdle between you and your bright future.



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