5 Practical Yet Easy Ways To Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence


You must possess a wide range of special skills to accomplish almost anything in this world. And when it comes to developing your emotional intelligence, you need to work on a few areas to become a master of EI. According to a study, more than 90% of the best performers in their respective fields have the true hold on their emotional intelligence. If you wish to learn how you can increase yours, take a look at the following ways:


  1. Evaluate Your Weaknesses And Strengths

You will meet two kinds of people in your life: the over-confident ones and those who underestimate themselves a lot. Without a doubt, the ideal ones are those who know their weaknesses and strengths accurately. Such a balanced combination not only helps you make better choices but it also lets you achieve more out of your career, your relationships, etc.


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The first rule is to learn how to evaluate yourself. Sit down, and think about the things you are good at and also the things you are worst at doing. Whenever the time comes to make a decision, you would find the answers coming right from the gut. You are more often than not guided by your emotional intelligence, take a note of it.


  1. Learn The Difference Between Reacting And Responding

There is a subtle but very significant difference between the two; learn it to develop emotional intelligence. Never react or behave in a way that relieves a certain emotional trigger. Instead, respond only when you notice how you feel about something and then express your opinion.


  1. Express Yourself And Your Beliefs

If you know how to express an emotion, there is a high chance that you are in full control of it. Sharing is always good, and it is the best when it comes to sharing your beliefs, feelings and thoughts with those closest to you. Bottling up the feelings has never helped anyone, and so it would not help you too. But, the most important thing is the ability to judge a person before you let your inner most secrets out.


You would be making a huge mistake if you blather out everything to everyone. You need to build up intimate relationships with those whom you trust the most, and share what you feel about almost anything. Look out for a middle ground, and choose to share your thoughts appropriately. Letting the right person know where you stand is something that helps you develop emotional intelligence.


  1. Pay Special Attention To Your Behaviour

A vital key to improving your emotional intelligence is to learn how to manage your emotions but it is only possible when you are consciously aware of everything that you feel. And while you are at it, you need to pay close attention to your behaviour as well. Keep an eye on how you react while experiencing different emotions like anger, fear, joy, anxiety and fear. Notice how these emotions affect your daily life. Do you feel such emotions impact your well-being, your productivity or how you communicate with others? You will be amazed with the final results leading to much improved emotional intelligence.


  1. Work On Your Social Skills

Finally, be socially responsible in order to improve your emotional intelligence. Working on how you socialize with people shows that you do not just do it for your personal gain but also care about others around you. The best way of practicing emotional intelligence is to focus on the betterment of others rather than just focusing on yourself.


And, just be happy. Happiness is one emotion that you can spread and receive endless joy in return. Another reason why you need to focus more on maintaining a happy mood is that negativity in mood affects EI adversely. So, make the right choice, and be sure to use all these tips for betterment of your own future.


Author Bio: Keity Adrian possesses a core expertise in research and writing, and loves to aid her vast knowledge to anyone and everyone. She’s also very fond of travelling and hopes to travel the world in near future.