5 Conversation Tips To Help You At Any Networking Event


If you want to grow your potential in your career, you need to start networking properly. Making new connections can be intimidating. You may have no idea what to say to a person, and even if you say anything, then what his response would be – positive or negative. But let’s not worry about that anymore, because here I present you five conversation starters that can help you form new connections flawlessly at any networking event:


  1. Talk About Shared Interests

The best thing to get that conversation going is to start off with a shared interest. Observe the other person to find something that you can talk about. Is he wearing a Rolex? Do you love Rolex? Stir up conversation about brands. Is he standing all alone in the corner like you in need for a company? Walk up to him, and talk about how networking or other events can make you feel intimidated as well.


  1. Arrive Earlier Than Scheduled

You will kill two birds with one stone. By arriving earlier than scheduled, you will show a sense of punctuality, which other professionals will regard you highly for. Moreover, arriving early means lesser number of people and more opportunity to make small talks to individuals around. When you arrive late, you miss the chance of being a part of the conversation groups that members are already engaged in.


  1. Approach A Smaller Group Of People

Do not go for bigger groups of people at an event. Try to look for smaller groups of people. Three is a perfect number because it shows that two people talking to one another invited a third into their conversation. Walk up close, and see if they address you to it. Not only will you make instant connections with three people but you will also have a chance to participate in the conversation actively.


  1. Make Simple Introductions

Instead of bragging about yourself as if you are a walking résumé, keep your introduction simple and honest. Do not say anything that you do not really mean, especially not about yourself and your personality. Try to listen more than you talk. In other words, make sure that you give the other person his fair share of timeto introduce himself, and then you can respond accordingly. You will come around to the other person as sober and mature, rather than obnoxious and haughty if you keep going on about yourself.


  1. Do Some Research Beforehand

It does not matter if you are at a networking event, online or on a call, do some research on a person before personally approaching him, and try to learn as much as possibleabout him. Internet is a great way to read up about a person, and with the presence of social networks, it has become easier than ever before. Researching on an individual can help you find tips and pointers for your conversation starters that can help you start a conversation and keep it going.


Networking is all about making new connections. You never know some of the new connections might even become good friends with you in the long run. Make sure that you keep an honest approach while networking so that you donot have to regret your actions in the future. Bragging, haughtiness and dishonesty can always get you in trouble, and there is no turning back from there.


About Writer:   Alastair Trot is an expert writer known in the education world for his expertise. The writer has been helping the students with his experience that is why he is currently serving Writing Kingdom to accomplish his objectives.