4 Ways To Use Twitter To Land A Job


There are many potential employers who favor the use of social media to target candidates that might seem interesting and promising. Among the many present social networks, LinkedIn is the most famous and popular social network when it comes to professional networking and finding a job. However, social network Twitter, which is more of a micro-blogging website, is surprisingly among the top networks that can help you find good opportunities to work. This article will focus on using Twitter to get hired in four easy ways.


Create a strong professional profile

People might assume that Twitter is not really a professional field, they maintain their twitter accounts on a very casual and informal basis, if your aim is to find and target employment opportunities on the twitter network, then you will need to maintain and develop a strong and professional website. Make sure your bio relates to your work experience and your activities are not casual or malignant, something that could hurt your image and the profile you has on Twitter.


Start following the right people and organizations

Just like having friends and connections on other networks, similarly, twitter is about following people so if you are aiming to find the right employment opportunity then make sure you follow the right people. If there are certain organizations that you wish to apply for, then find their top management and HR people on Twitter and start following them. This will not only give you up to date news if there is any vacancy, but also get to interact with them on a daily basis. Additionally, you can also follow particular organizations that you think might get you the right opportunity.


Stay Active

Twitter is not just to post a single tweet in three days or a week. It is about progressively maintaining a number of posts and tweets that will keep you highly active. If your profile is active, you have the chance of getting to know people around you and interact with them. Being active does not only mean you just post your own tweets, re-tweeting a tweet also plays a strong role in developing connections.


Create Content

Next thing in line is creating the content that will entice people to respond to you and also follow you. Creating a strong content is absolutely crucial to having a profile, which will give a reason to your potential employer to find and have a conversation with you, possibly give you a chance to interview and eventually getting the type of job you are aiming for.


Author Bio

Jenny Gunn is a famous social media activist, who works with a top organization. She was extremely successful in getting a great job through social media and since then, she has been advising everyone on Assignment Done UK in the similar respect.