3 Easy Ways To Prepare For A Video Interview


The interview is a stage, where candidates are asked to convince their prospective employers about the skills and why they should be hired for the job they have applied for. This is when the challenge of getting hired for a job begins. Preparing for an interview has become a pre-requisite to be successful because of the competition from fellow candidates. Thousands of students graduate and apply for positions available all around the world. This is when the need to be different and stand out from the rest is demanded and the only way you can be successful in securing the role.


Interviews are of many kinds, with the progress in social and digital media many employers invite candidates from across the world to openly apply for available positions and then take their initial interviews through applications like Skype and Yahoo. If you have recently been invited for an online interview through a video calling application like Google Hangout or Skype then our following sections in the article will help you prepare for this interview in three easy ways.


Communicate the time and date correctly

The first thing about online interviews is the time. Usually if you are located in different time-zones then communicating the exact time and the time difference is the key. You do not want your employer to be waiting, while you are not aware of the time zone being talked about, eventually wasting an amazing interview opportunity. So always ensure you and the other party both have the right time according to their time-zones and both are available.


While you are corresponding with your employer, you can find out the time-zone being followed in the country where the organization or your employer is and then effectively communicate that to them.


Set up the software, your internet connection and a secure place to sit

Another most important aspect of your online interview preparation is getting the basics right. For that first you will need to have figured out what applications will be used for the interview. Make sure you have that installed on your computer. The second most important thing is a good enough internet connection. You do not wish that your interview will be crashed due to some technical internet problems. Always ensure, you have the backup internet support as well in the worst case scenario. Finally, when you have the things ready, your next task is to find a distraction free place, which is clean enough to look good on screen, if it is a video interview. Also focusing during an online interview is hard, so find a place where you can have your time alone prior and during the interview and there is no background noise whatsoever.


Getting ready for your interview session

Finally, when everything is in place, you will need to get ready for your interview. Online interview doesn’t mean you will not have to dress appropriately especially if it is a video call. So make sure you dress the same way and are presentable during the online session.


Author Bio:
John Kelly is a famous interviewer for candidates applying for positions around the world through her recruitment agency. He also actively contributes to UK Assignment Land and provides insights on interview preparations regularly.