If there is a platform that can do wonders to your college academic experience, it is LinkedIn. It is one of the social media channels that targets the professionals and allows networking on a more professional level than you could ever imagine. If you are considering brushing up your profile as a college student, take a look at the following ten ways to do it:


1. Complete The Basic Steps Of Profile Creation

It is highly suggested to make your portfolio 100% complete while you fill the fields at LinkedIn. It is very important that there is no information missing out of the credentials. When you make sure that there are no credentials or portions of information missing from your page, the channel will promote you in a full research.


2. Gather Recommendations

Another way to optimize your page is by gathering recommendations from your fellow students and teachers. It is one of the most impressive features that you could take advantage of by letting a third person tell the world how great you are.


3. Describe Your Work Experience

Do not think that just naming your work experience will do the job for you. Describe your work experience by explaining the duties that you went through and the learning experience that you gained. It will allow people to understand your level of performance.


4. Make Your Professional Summary SEO Optimized

While you are looking for ways to optimize your presence, take out time to optimize your professional summary according to search engines by taking advantage of keywords. It will be your keywords that will invite a visitor or a prospective employee to your profile.


5. Make The Most Of Your Headlines

Try to make use of your headlines by informing the world of your ambitions in five words. You need to let the people know what you are good at, and why you are present on the LinkedIn. You can do so by creating a customized and creative heading for yourself- something that attracts the visitors in a minute.


6. Get The Insiders From Alumni Tool

This social channel also has an alumni tool that helps you seek out the companies that hire people from your academia. This will help you find out connections, recruitments, list of potential careers as well as ideas of optimizing your profile like your seniors.


7. Network And Make Friends

The whole point of a social media channel is to network and make friends. A lot of jobs are found only after networking when interested employers get to know you for who you are. Try adding friends in your circle and network all the way to success.


8. Be A Part of Groups

Yet another way to optimize your LinkedIn profile is by joining different groups related to your industry or career field. It will not only help you participate and engage with people of your field but also let you learn about new and interesting opportunities for your career.


9. Pick The Right Skills For Your Profile

Skills are a way to show the world what you are really good at a particular area. Your friends can also endorse you for your skills which add to your professionalism. Run a search on different skills before adding them to see how it could help your academic background. Make sure that you are only adding the ones that you really have


10. Include Your Professional Certifications

Last but not the least, include all the tests and certificates that you have acquired and mention them in your profile. It will make a strong impression and allow your LinkedIn profile to become something to not only remember but also to consider.


About Author: – Jenifer Bradshaw is among one of the best academic consultant and an assignment writer. She writes blogs as a guest author for the educational benefits of students.