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What Job-Hopping Is Really Costing You


Job hopping


A new study finds that 86 percent of Millennial workers would leave their jobs without batting an eyelash. Before you make the leap, beware of the fiscal ramifications.


Job-hopping can be a good thing (just be smart about it)


Ryan Kahn, a career coach who founded staffing agency the Hired Group, isn’t against the idea of multiple job switches. He actually encourages it: “This is something people should do in their career,” he says, “because they need to diversify their work environments to find out what they love and hate.”


What’s more, changing career paths could help you develop your knowledge in a particular area–technology, for instance–while also broadening your network of professional connections.


Still, there are potential fiscal ramifications to be aware of, particularly if you’re moving into a lateral (or lower) position:


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