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The Transformation From College Student To Working Professional


So you’ve graduated college and are looking to bring your new found skills to the professional world. You’re ready for that next rockstar job where you’ll soar to the top of the ladder and become the epitome of success. But with unemployment rates for young adults ages 18 and 29 being over 9 percent, that rockstar job isn’t necessarily a guarantee. In fact, 15% of the young adults in that age bracket have completely given up searching, with 30% saying that wish that they had started searching sooner. But that doesn’t have to be you.


Fortunately, there’s still space for improvement. As a simple rule, always be networking. You never know who you might stumble upon who’ll give you that first opportunity you’re looking for. Visiting your school’s career center and learning how to custom tailor your resume are just a few additional things that you can do to truly stand out. To learn more about the challenges college graduates are facing and the transformation that must take place for them to succeed, check out the infographic below created by Abilene Christian University’s Online Masters in Higher Education program.