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The Bright Future of Solar Energy Professionals Photo


Have you ever considered a career in renewable resources? If you’re environmentally minded and want a rewarding career with a strong future, you may be surprised to note that solar power is a growing field. Whether you’re a recent college grad, a recent high school grad, or a professional looking to change careers, solar may be worth investigating.


The following infographic from The Refrigeration School reports that, amazingly, solar energy consumption increased over 400 percent between 2010 and 2014. Correspondingly, the cost of solar panels has decreased by about 60 percent since 2011. The U.S. government vocally and financially supports the growth of solar energy as a means to produce electricity. In fact, the solar energy tax credit is one program that has helped encourage more businesses and individuals to install solar power.


Currently, solar panels only account for about 1 percent of U.S. electricity production, but that figure is expected to jump to 14 percent by 2030. Furthermore, by 2050, over a quarter of U.S. electricity should come from this cheap and renewable source of power. There is little doubt that solar power is booming and still has plenty of room to grow in the next few decades.

Careers in Solar Power: More Than Just a Good Job

Since the government, private companies, and consumers are behind this continuing trend of solar growth, the demand for more solar professionals is surely strong. Solar panel installers, as one example, can begin their careers with certification programs that require less than two years of formal training after high school. Continuing education and more involved work experience makes solar power workers and professionals even more marketable. Engineers, technicians, managers and sales professionals are just a few of the job titles out there in the field of solar.


While students in solar energy programs are attracted to the potential for good salaries and job growth, there’s another reason to feel good about pursuing a career in solar. Employees are often justifiably proud because they work to supply clean and renewable power to their communities. These efforts can reduce pollution, decrease reliance on foreign oil, and combat climate change. For the right sort of person, a career in solar might make all the difference.


Author:  This article was contributed by Monica Gomez


The Bright Future of Solar Energy Professionals