How To Answer Interview Question


An interviewer uses the interview to determine who the best candidate for the job is. This is your opportunity to set yourself apart and showcase your unique skills and talents that are relevant for the position. By knowing what questions you definitely will be asked, you have the opportunity to be more prepared than your competitors.


Describe yourself?

The first question you will be asked is to describe yourself. The interviewer wants to see that you are genuine and honest. They able want to be able to tell if your personality is the right fit for the company and the team. Being relaxed and having a sense of humor helps when describing yourself. Talk about what you are passionate about and what excites you. Make sure you show the interviewer that your personality extends beyond your resume.


Describe your key skills and weaknesses?

It is guaranteed that you will be asked to describe your key skills and weaknesses. Here is your opportunity to show why your strengths will make you the perfect candidate for this job. Ensure to back up your answers with past examples. The weaknesses portion of this question is a little bit harder to answer. You must avoid clichés like saying you are too much of a perfectionist. The key here is to present a weakness that is strength in disguise. For example, you tend to get frustrated if you are not working productively all the time. You can use a weakness that you have overcome showing that not only are you aware of your flaws but are able to take corrective action to fix them.


Why you are attracted to the role?

A third question you will be asked is to explain why you are attracted to the role. The interviewer is looking for how excited you are about the opportunity. If you are able to align what attracted you to the role with your key strengths, they will know that you are a good fit. Avoid saying things like you need the money or you need a job, even if they are true.


Why are you the best candidate for this job?

A fourth question you will come across is a variant of “why are you the best candidate for this job?” Preparation is key to answering this question well. Make sure you have studied the job description and the company. Figure out what makes you stand out from other applicants that have similar experience. This will allow you to show them why hiring you will benefit the role, the company and make him look better for choosing you.


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