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“Ryan is a fantastic individual and a pleasure to work with. Not only is he resourceful, but he is the type of person that will always go out of his way to lend a helping hand without giving it a second thought. I have no doubt that anyone that has the opportunity to work with or alongside of Ryan will find that he truly is invaluable!”
Keila, employer at Nestlé

“Ryan is a one-of-a-kind guy. He made me realize that there are people out there that really want to help. Not only did I learn extremely useful and practical information about cover letters, resumes, and interviews, Ryan also went out of his way to give me personal tips about what I can do to get many steps closer to my dream career.”
Hinh, hired at Ernst & Young, LLP

“I loved working with Ryan on strategically mapping out my career path! He is a seasoned vet with a wealth of knowledge and insight about the tech industry and provides actionable advice to help you get to where you want to go. I am planning on working with Ryan again in the future and would highly recommend him as a fantastic career coach and resource.”
Agnes, hired, Marketing Industry

“Ryan is an extremely hardworking and dedicated individual. He genuinely enjoys helping others identify their potential and work towards their career goals, while instilling the confidence needed to succeed.”
Melissa, hired, Fashion Industry

“Ryan is down to earth and personable to the point where you know he truly cares for your success and happiness. I know with his expert knowledge Ryan can, and will, guide you in the right direction in regards to following your dreams and making sure you will end up in the right place that best suits you. He guided me to get to where I need to be in my present situation and I am very grateful that he was there to help.”
Steven, hired, Marketing Industry

“As a student approaching graduation in a few months and having high aspirations to enter the entertainment industry, Ryan has confirmed my career strategy. He has inspired me to keep up with a “hit list” and continue to reach out to prior connections. Ryan’s advice has been extremely motivating, and any graduating student would benefit from it as well!”
Morgan, hired at Viacom

“Wow! Ryan, thanks for taking more than a half hour to offer such great advice about my job search. In all my coffee dates, lunches, informational interviews no one has given better advice in such a short amount of time.”
Michelle, hired, Content Management

“Time and time again, I watched how Ryan made someone’s dream come true through helping them land an amazing internship or job with his career coaching. Ryan’s dedication to his work goes beyond metrics as he will invest time to learn what works best for both the candidate and employer. His effective communication, solid business sense, past experience, and trustworthiness is exactly what makes him the go to man for finding your next career move.”
Adriana, employer at Facebook

“The services of The Hired Group were instrumental in placing me in a highly desirable, competitive entertainment internship. With Ryan’s help and the backing of The Hired Group, I was presented as a qualified, capable candidate for work in the entertainment industry. With Ryan’s help, I got hired.”
Joey, interned at Sony

“The Hired Group is a resource to be trusted. I worked directly with Ryan, and I recommend him to the moon and back. His candid and practical solutions helped us move our ideas quickly from good to great, and the results were dramatic. Their solutions are based on years of experience as they are thorough, thoughtful and laser focused. You will never regret utilizing The Hired Group. They are top notch and best in their class.”
Juliet, hired at KPMG

“Ryan is a contagiously happy person who wants everyone to understand their greatest potential .He has time to listen to your concerns and issues at work and in life. He takes the time to learn about you as a person and to place a personal effort in helping you achieve your goals. Without Ryan’s influence, I would not be ready for my future.”
Stacie, hired, Public Relations Industry

“Ryan has been responsive and has offered me extremely useful advice during some critical points in my job search. He has offered great insight, sent me links to pertinent articles and has been encouraging and supportive. Job hunting can be a challenging process and Ryan helps you tap back into your strengths and use your confidence to get what you want. Ryan is an awesome career coach.”
Beth, hired, Project Management

“Ryan is amazing! He has helped me continue to advance into my career. He is a Great Career Coach.”
Devin, hired, Event Planning Industry

“It has always been a pleasure working with Ryan. Not only is Ryan extremely knowledgeable in the world of getting “Hired,” but he brings positive energy and enthusiasm in all of his interactions. His network is really top-notch and is not only a great value to companies/organizations, but to students and your professionals looking to get their start.”
Angela, employer at Universal Music Group

“Ryan Kahn is to career coaching what Michelangelo was to painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling. He is the real deal, authentic with a groundswell of expertise. He took a chance on me, helped me sharpen my edges, and land my dream job. He has a good eye for recognizing potential, and genuinely cares about helping people to reach that potential. His services offer great value and ROI. He’s smart and strategic, and gets results.”
Jasmine, hired at MPRM Communications

“I highly recommend The Hired Group’s services for anyone that is searching for that first or next step into their dream career. I can honestly say that I would not have had the opportunity to start working on my dream career without Ryan’s Help. He made it possible for me to turn my dream into reality.”
Tylor, hired at Slate PR

“Ryan is a well-spoken, straight-shooting career coach who listens to what you want and gets you on the right track. He’s personable and always encouraging. He’s going to etch out the next step in your path and help you toward success.”
Gino, interned at Saturday Night Live

“Ryan Kahn is one of the most motivational and supportive advisors I’ve had. His ability to recognize a person’s niche and help find the best way to pursue a goal is incredible. I’m greatful to have been advised by Ryan in the past and consequently advise everyone to consider his recommendations with confidence that they will soon achieve or become a part of something that they are most suited for.”
Maggie, hired, Fitness Industry

“Ryan is a constant motivation to myself and to many other that I have encountered in my professional travels. He was constantly pushing me to strive and acheive my goals. Through his constant motivational techniques and consistent educational tools; Ryan taught me how to stand out from the crowd. Having the opportunity to work with Ryan has been one of the greatest experiences of my professional career.”
Kyle, hired, Finance Industry

“Ryan is the type of mentor that every young professional wants to have. He is always approachable, straight-forward, and genuine. Without his words of wisdom, and positive influence I would not approached my career path as optimally as I could. I cannot express how appreciative I am for his guidance!”
Rachael, hired, Office Management

“In overwhelming times of trying to find a job or get experience while finishing a college degree or a trade, Ryan is a great person to ask for advice. I know this because I was successful after taking his advice and suggestions he thought of personally for me. That’s an additional and outstanding quality about Ryan, he genuinely takes an interest in you and is very easy to talk to. If you want help or advice, reach out to him! I doubt you’ll be disappointed”
Jennifer, hired, Marketing Industry

“Ryan is a hardworking, dedicated and passionate person who is always going above and beyond to help others reach their personal and professional goals. Thank you for all your help throughout the years.”
Katie, hired, Consumer Insights

“It doesn’t matter what stage you are at when it comes to finding the perfect job/internship, Ryan is always glad to help. Ryan has such amazing expertise and he is always happy to share that with anyone willing to ask for it. He truly cares about everyone he works with and appreciates the drive and the passion of those he assists.”
Andrew, hired at MLB, The Cleveland Indians

“Ryan is an all around genuine person who wants to help others achieve success. He is always so fast to respond to any calls or emails which amazes me since he’s so busy. Ryan gives great advice no matter what stage in your career you’re at. He helped me when I was just graduating college and he’s been amazing to go to for advice ever since!”
Alison, hired, Communications Industry

“I’m so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with The Hired Group this past semester. Not only did Ryan offer countless advice, but he prepared me for each step – from updating my resume to coaching me through mock interviews. I would highly recommend teaming up with him if you’re looking to get hired!”
Joanna, interned at Universal Music Group
“Ryan is an awesome career coach and networker. If you ever get the opportunity to work with him, DO! Ryan helped me land an internship at a record label, a talent management company and a PR firm and through each I grew immensely as an employee. The final internship Ryan helped me attain ended up offering me a full time job just a few months later! I couldn’t be happier and can’t thank Ryan enough for helping me land my dream job!”
Jessica, hired at EMC | Bowery PR

“Even though I was on the other side of the world in the UK, Ryan kept in close contact with me, giving me all the information and support that I needed. I couldn’t speak more highly of Ryan.”
Mike, hired, Film Industry

“In regards to my interest in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, Ryan Kahn not only gave me insight to his own professional experiences, but also provided me with advice that helped contribute to my earning an internship with MTV.”
Ryker, interned at MTV Networks

“I have worked with Ryan as he has coached me through the overwhelming process of choosing/finding a career in a new city. Ryan is always very helpful, approachable and understanding, for which I am forever grateful. He has always been supportive in my endeavors and deferential to all his students. His ability to treat each student as a peer is what makes him stand out above all the other career counselors I have interacted with, and surely one of the reasons for his success.”
Jessica, hired, Social Media Industry

“Ryan provided me with exceptional career advice. Not only was he extremely genuine but gave great insights with a clear plan of action. I wouldn’t just recommend him – I would strongly advise that any recent grad or young professional should take the time to connect with him.”
Rachel, hired, Marketing Industry

“Ryan gives great advice. He has become one of my mentors. I just moved to New York and I wanted some knowledge from someone who I knew would be insightful and inspiring. The analogy that he used and I will never forget is, “You can’t call yourself a surfer, and not have a board.” That is so true. After talking with Ryan I know for a fact what I need to do and to not put it on hold any longer.”
Erin, hired, Entertainment Industry

“As a college grad it is sometimes hard to become motivated for job searching because you try and try and don’t always succeed. As soon as I got into contact with Ryan, it’s as if everything came into place! Ryan emailed me back the same day and immediately sent my resume to the director of the internship I am pursuing. The very next day I got a call from the director and have an interview next week! Ryan is the best and most efficient person ever!”
Natasha, interned at Costa Blanca Showroom

“Ryan is the ‘go-to-guy’ for knowing the ins and outs of the hiring process and he helps shape those breaking into the working world and give them the best foot forward before that daunting job interview.”
AJ, employer at Universal Pictures

“Ryan is one of the most attentive, focused, and driven people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is always there to help every step of the way, from creating your resume to helping you land your dream job. Ryan is always looking out for his clients best interest.”
Eddie, hired at MTV Networks

“Ryan is an amazing asset and he has taught me many aspects of the business. He has a great work ethic and a charismatic personality.”
Elaine, hired, Healthcare Industry

“Ryan Kahn is an amazingly passionate man whose dreams do not only include reaching his own goals, but helping others achieve their dreams; he’s a very unique person who has impacted many people’s lives and will go on to impact many more.”
Michelle, hired, Film Industry

“I’m so glad I was able to work with Ryan. He is an excellent mentor and was passionate about finding me a career in my area of interest. Ryan was always willing to go the extra mile and make sure I was prepared throughout the hiring process, and I am so thankful that he continued to help me until I was successful in landing a job. Ryan is extremely knowledgeable in his field and is a go-to source for anything career related.”
Amy, interned at Influential Media Group

“Ryan is extremely helpful in giving advice to aspiring filmmakers and people looking to get their foot in the door. His words of wisdom will make you stronger candidate for any job openings, if you’re willing to take criticism and improve yourself.”
Rajiv, hired, Film Industry

“I look to Ryan’s genius and success as models for achieving in my own life. As my career has evolved, I have had the opportunity to pick Ryan’s brain and learn from his experiences. Very few mentors & coaches live the principles that they teach. Ryan has done that in his life and challenged me to do the same in mine.”
Maria, hired, Non-Profit Industry

“Ryan was a great guy to work with. He was passionate about students’ career dreams. Ryan was also very knowledgeable in different career fields so that he was able to coach students alone. Most importantly, Ryan was very connected so he was able to open doors for students.”
Oriole, employer at Apple Inc.

“The Hired Group helped me secure my first fashion PR internship and since then has continued to coach me to get where I am at in my career today. Ryan is extremely dedicated to his colleagues and work – making him an expert in his role. I wouldn’t be where I am at today without his help and support!”
Ali, hired at Nordstrom
“Ryan possesses the ideal combination of professionalism, passion, and expertise in everything that he does. He is truly invested in making sure that each client with whom he works has the best experience possible and is extremely talented in helping candidates navigate the process of getting “hired.” Above all else, Ryan is always a pleasure to work with and brings energy and positivity to those around him.”
Andrea, employer at Morgan Stanley

“Ryan is creative and very knowledgeable about his profession as a career coach. I recommend Ryan to anyone who needs assistance on a fresh start on their career or needs advising.”
Madeline, hired, Sales Industry

“Not only is Ryan a dreamer, he is also a doer. As a successful career coach both on and off the screen, Ryan has managed to turn his dreams into reality. From MTV star to philanthropist, Ryan can now add author to his titles. It is no surprise that those who take and apply Ryan’s advice have also found success.”
Annette, hired, Public Relations Industry

“Ryan is one of the most supportive advisors I’ve had. His expertise advice regarding the entertainment industry has helped me academically as well as professionally. Without Ryan’s advice and help, I would not be the determined professional that I am today. He really is a core example of the fact that dreams can and do come true.”
Stefanie, hired, Music Industry

“Ryan is proof that there are people out there who genuinely have your interest at heart. That kind of quality and the mastery of the business is why i look forward to working with him again.”
Damilare, interned at Shoreline Entertainment

“Ryan is a phenomenal career coach and possesses the ideal combination of professionalism, and passion in everything he does. He is an excellent mentor and has been a constant motivation to myself and several others I’ve encountered through my professional travels. Ryan is someone who is truly able to serve and educate an array of students/interns. I am lucky to have developed a close working relationship with him for the past few years and I highly recommend him.”
Evonne, hired at Furman Roth Advertising

“Weeks after graduating from college, I found out about The Hired Group’s services through social media and was immediately attracted to HIRED. No one is offering services that truly cater to helping millenials navigate the job search/work force like Ryan currently does.”
Darian, hired at NBC Universal